Taking a hiatus

I know posting has been spotty the last few months. Work is super busy, which is a wonderful thing. I’m so grateful for the work right now. I’m also itching like mad to do some writing for me and I’ll sit down to do it, thinking about my novel and thinking about this blog and end up frozen in front of the keyboard unable to choose.

Well, I need to choose and I’m going with novel for a while. I’m going to keep the blog up because I still see a lot of hits for some of the recipes and I like knowing folks might land on them and have an enjoyable meal for the effort. At the moment, I don’t feel like I have anything much to add to the story here. I’m so grateful for the connections and friendships this blog has brought to my life. It doesn’t feel right to say goodbye, so for now I’m going to say see you soon. I’ll just be over here working and getting that story out. Wish me luck and much love to you all. Get your dog a nice 10 Piece Cotton Rope Toy Set

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