Homemade pasta on a Sunday afternoon

OK, so it was TWO Sundays ago. Things have been busy around here. I’m working my hind end to a pancake sitting in this here chair, typing-typing-typing and trying to find just the right words. Work is good. Very good. Yay, work!

But so yeah… two Sundays ago this happened:

Lila had to be in on the fun. She’s fast with her little hands.


and she’s an excellent pasta machine technician.


but then she went to play at the neighbor’s and I got to fold and slice the Tagliatele.


and foolishly piled the nearly two pounds of noodles all in one giant lump, then had to toss them so they wouldn’t stick together while the water came to a boil. The noodles stretched and twisted and became a big mass of awkward.


That tasted like heaven anyway. Most delicious noodles I have ever eaten. Ever.

Note to self: buy some studio lights, fer feck sake. Enough with the yellow-glowing food shots. Jeeze.

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